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The Cardinal Difference

We employ our people based on character as much as experience and skills. We need to have the right people, with the right abilities and personality to become part of our team. Our people are enthusiastic and passionate and genuinely love finding solutions for our clients. We like to have fun at work but more than anything we’re committed, making sure we always go above and beyond to deliver. At Cardinal, every employee is empowered to achieve and surpass their potential, while remaining focused on creating lasting business relationships and long-term, sustainable success.

Stories from our people

Brian Hay

Brian explains the culture he and co-founder Rob Cross have created at Cardinal.

Micky Simmonds

Listen to Micky enthuse about the charity work he has been involved with and what makes Cardinal different.

Peter Cavanagh

Hear Pete’s story of career development taking him from a junior position to becoming Country Director, China and Hong Kong.

Our Culture & Values

“The role of Cardinal is not to have all the ideas; it’s to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they’re valued”

Our Culture and Values are at the heart of why we do what we do. We are committed to creating a culture where everyone can be the best they can be.

Discover the core values that have shaped and defined our business and our people.


To creating a culture where everyone can be the best they can be.

Supporting each other to grow and develop.

Making it simple for our clients to do business with us. Not criticizing, condemning or complaining.


Striving to get better at what we do.

We push boundaries.

We are a challenger brand and plan to change our industry.


We are driven to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.

We find creative and imaginative solutions for our clients.

Providing strong and healthy competition to our industry peers.


Rising to any challenge is our specialty – and our motivation.

Our promises are kept.

The buck stops with us.

Excelling at communication – listening to others and empowering people to speak for themselves.


We think smart and challenge conventional thinking with innovation.

Our colleagues are empowered to make decisions, and quickly.

We enjoy building technological solutions for the changing world of logistics.


Empowering the team to be decisive and have self-belief.

We ask questions instead of giving direct orders.

Respecting each other and pledging to avoid a ‘blame culture’.

Getting to know each other’s interests and building confidence as a collective.


We will never knowingly provide incorrect information.

What we say is what we mean.

We are accountable for our actions.

We are honest in our approach and our delivery.


Building loyalty through building trust.

Always doing the right thing.

Once a commitment is made, we make good on it.

We put our clients interests before self-interest.

Being sincere and appreciative at all times.

Don't take our word for it

“I’ve always found the support provided by the management team as first class. Everyone’s extremely approachable at Cardinal and will help you in any way they can. There’s a real sense of working together as a team.”

Brad Wilson, Account Manager

“What’s different about Cardinal is the opportunities available to us as employees. I’m on the Cardinal Trust Committee and it’s fantastic to see the contribution we’re making to our nominated charities. Social responsibility is a big part of what we stand for and working at Cardinal has been a great platform for me to help our local, national and international charities.”

Hannah Godfrey, Account Manager

“The decision to join Cardinal has been the best decision I have made for my career. The trust, respect, inspiration & confidence I’ve gained from each member of staff I have had the pleasure of working with has enabled me to develop greatly both professionally and personally.”

Callum Shingler, Apprentice

“Cardinal is different to anywhere I’ve worked before, the passion of the leadership team feeds down into everyone involved. You feel valued and your ideas will be listened to. I’m proud to be a member of the Cardinal team and now I’m on the same exciting journey.”

Rick Lambert, UK Sales Manager

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