B2B Fulfilment

Helping you manage and improve your retail fulfilment strategy

We make B2B retail fulfilment simple. Integrating smoothly with your B2C and B2B platforms, gives you the ability to sell wholesale directly to retailers. We track and monitor the status of every shipment which is made visible to you in real-time.

Industry expertise to ensure retailer compliance

Cardinal has years of experience supplying into the world’s biggest retailers and our team have the expertise to know what is required to adhere to each retailer’s strict compliance guidelines, giving you the assurance that your orders are right at the first time of asking and reducing the stress on you, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Store your stock and send direct to retailers

We can hold your stock in our warehouses and distribute directly to retailers when it is required to free up any warehouse space that you have and make it easier to send to retailers.

Get added peace of mind that your stock will be stored safely and securely in our warehouses and once it is ready to be sent to a retailer, we can manage all of this together to send a single shipment that meets all requirements.

Increase control as you expand your business

Our Warehouse management system is highly scalable, and our Account Managers will work with you to meet your needs, supporting your growth at all stages of your journey. When your business grows, Cardinal grows with you.

We're here to save you time and money

Talk to us today to find out more about more about our 3PL services and how we can transform your supply chain, with tailor-made solutions and exceptional service and value.

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