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Groundbreaking supply chain visibility

Introducing Leda, for today’s supply chain needs

Leda is a highly intuitive supply chain platform that provides real time control and processing of sales and purchase transactions, no matter what their status. Giving you true visibility within your supply chain and enabling you to manage vendors by exception, with better control over inbound shipments, and true end-to-end visibility.

Customers with vendor compliance and communication issues will find value in Leda, as the application offers dashboards and reports to monitor desired KPIs for each vendor. Key benefits include:

  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Better ability to meet production and delivery target dates
  • Advanced notifications on any Purchase Orders outside of agreed critical path
  • Management of vendors for continuous improvement
  • Increased communication and less sourcing errors
  • Order consolidation and load planning

Simplify and digitise your supply chain

Live View

Leda can provide real-time visual tracking of your shipments. Leda receives data direct from the vessel and shows you the exact location of any of your shipments, anywhere in the world!


From a suite of more than 20 reports, select and custom build your own report. These include vendor analysis and performance, KPI data, shipment analysis and much, much more.

PO Management

Simply upload your PO’s and distribute them directly to your suppliers.

Document Vault

Need to retrieve a document related to one of your shipments? Dive into your Document Vault were all of your documents are stored in one place.

Active Shipments

Follow the progress of your shipments via Active Shipments which provides an instant overview of the current status of all of your shipments.

Delivery Bookings

List any shipments which have arrived and have been cleared by Customs, but for which the delivery instruction is outstanding. Book your preferred delivery date and time online.

Shipment Approvals

Approve vessels and shipment dates in Leda’s simple to use interface, giving you complete control.


Integrate Leda with your own Outlook Calendar and important milestone data appears automatically in your view. Very useful for monitoring key milestone pressure points such as DC deliveries.

Delivery Warnings

Helps monitor your cargo arrivals and matches the arrival data with your free-time allowance. Identifies any shipments which fall out of the free time period and highlights the value of any potential rent and demurrage payable.

Quick Quote

Our instant, award winning service enables you to obtain an instant LCL price for any service operated by Cardinal.


Leda will notify you of any changes, updates, or chosen milestones, giving you complete control and visibility.

Hot Shipments

Have a particularly critical shipment? Then tag it as a Hot Shipment and you’ll be alerted of all of its milestones.

Engineered by FreightTech experts

Our development & technology division

In order to ensure we are always using the latest technologies, to improve the user experience of all our clients and colleagues, we created our own in-house Development and Technology team.

We sourced some of the brightest software engineers and developers in the industry. They continue to design and develop our award winning software, including Leda, to ensure it is always at the forefront and one step ahead of the rest of our industry, giving our clients the very best experience.

Our team of IT experts will be able to assist you with any technical issues, developmental opportunities and love working alongside our clients, using technology to transform supply chains.

Tech and on-boarding specialists are always on hand to give support. Each member of the team has different backgrounds ensuring we offer a wealth of knowledge.

Want to see how our technology can help save you time, money and unlock the hidden potential of your supply chain?

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