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The Shifting Sands Of Middle-Eastern Trade

The Middle East is renowned for its oil exports which are critical to the vitality and growth of economies in…

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A Snapshot Of Freight In Australia

Australia, one of the largest countries on earth, is gifted with a dynamic landscape, attracting tourism, investment and international trade….

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Cybersecurity In The Supply Chain

Cybersecurity isn’t often associated with shipping. Usually, when breaches occur it’s the governmental, healthcare or financial industries that are impacted….

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The Growing Role Of The Middle Corridor In Global Supply Chains

With geopolitical tensions causing organisations to rethink their supply chains, the Middle Corridor (MC) has seen a considerable boom. It…

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Disruptions To This Winter Season’s Supply Chain

Holiday season marks a time of increased demand where people stock up on Christmas decorations, presents, travel, and indulge in…

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How Cardinal Can Support Automotive Supply Chains

The automotive supply chain is composed of a vast number of layers across the globe: suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and service…

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