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Businesses Face UK Customs And Border Changes

There are more post-Brexit changes for UK importers to navigate as HMRC introduces new legislation on 31st January 2024. All…

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Haulage Rates Across European Supply Chains Expected To Rise

When it concerns emissions, shipping is always under scrutiny. And at the tail end of 2023 we saw the launch…

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Red Sea Conflict Boosts Air Freight Bookings

After two challenging years air freight has been showing signs of strength. According to the IATA, the mode saw its…

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Red Sea Crisis Explained: How Shipping Came To A Standstill Again

Major shipping lines have stopped moving goods through the Suez Canal after Houthi rebels in Yemen attacked commercial vessels in…

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The Shifting Sands Of Middle-Eastern Trade

The Middle East is renowned for its oil exports which are critical to the vitality and growth of economies in…

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A Snapshot Of Freight In Australia

Australia, one of the largest countries on earth, is gifted with a dynamic landscape, attracting tourism, investment and international trade….

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