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Helping you get the most out of the customs process.

Cardinal Customs Advisory service offers advice to clients to allow them to get the most out of their customs process, to maximise their cost-effectiveness and to recover any overpaid duty. We can rectify any errors in your customs documentation to ensure that your goods are classified correctly, and that you are paying the right amount of duty on all your shipments, recovering any overpayments that you may have made.

Reliable partner for Customs advice

Cardinal bureau services implement, control and audit advanced Customs formalities for prestigious clients in a broad range of sectors. We understand how protective any company is of their products and reputation, and that handing over the management of critical Customs formalities a third-party provider can be a big decision.

Know Your Goods Are Classified Correctly

When importing a product, it needs to be correctly classified in order to pay the correct duties, tariffs, and other taxes. Submitting inaccurate documentation or missing deadlines will often result in delays, fees, and fines. We will assign one of our experienced team of customs brokers to ensure that your classifications are correct and that your goods arrive at their destination compliantly.

Recover overpaid duty

There aren’t many services which enable you to claim back money you have paid. We have an expert team that will analyse your customs records to ensure that all your classifications are correct and identify any that are not, working then to claim back the overpaid duty on your shipments. We can work back for 3 years to claim overpaid duty.

Dont take our word for it

“We have worked with Cardinal Bureau Services for over a year and the service has been excellent. The team has an in-depth knowledge of Special Customs Regimes and continues to support our business through the ever-changing landscape of Customs Compliance.”


“Bridgestone Europe appointed Cardinal as our customs broker in the UK, in preparation for Brexit. The Cardinal team have shown great dedication and professionalism in their work and they are prepared to go the extra mile in digitalising the customs data and documents.

As a result of the good work and relationship Bridgestone Europe have also appointed Cardinal as our customs broker in Ireland, as well as expanding the scope for the UK in 2021 to include more import flows.”

Bridgestone Europe

“We have worked closely to build a customs network which has been able to successfully import and export items within the UK using a number of different regimes, which added great compliance as well as achieving positive cost savings to the network.

From portal support, 100% auditing and a dedicated team Cardinal is building for the future and is prepared for whichever outcome comes our way from Brexit.”

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