Ensure that your shipment is protected

Your cargo goes on an adventure with every shipment and the cost of transport does not provide cover for loss, damage, delays or extra charges. Ensure that you don’t lose out should anything happen to your goods while they are in transit and protect yourself from any unexpected delays or charges.

Simplifying your insurance claims

Cardinal aims to pay on every claim within 15 days, when under £10,000. Our simple process allows you to submit a claim in minutes using shipping data from our Leda platform to automate and validate your claim. We provide full coverage for every shipment, including inventory and retail value coverage to protect your cargo from end-to-end and to make the process simpler for you.

Create a policy to suit your needs

Scale your insurance policies and create a policy to cover your supply chain and meet your specific needs. Cover all your cargo from end-to-end, under a single policy, or increase cover on shipments that require more coverage and protection.

Choose which shipments you want to cover

Some shipments will be more valuable than others or may be more at risk, we offer the option to choose which shipments you want to protect and change the policy type for each shipment. Pay per shipment to ensure that your coverage suits your needs.

We're here to save you time and money

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