Ocean LCL

Flexible shipping options for any amount of cargo

Our less-than-container (LCL) service allows you flexibility in shipping costs and transit times by giving you the option to ship less than a full container. Our network provides multiple weekly shipping options, full visibility of tracking and deconsolidation of the containers, giving you more options to ship your goods.

Don’t pay for unused space

Save time and money with our LCL service as you only pay for the container space that you use, meaning that you don’t have to wait to fill a container, and you don’t pay for the empty space. We do this by matching the unused space in your container with cargo from other clients. This reduces your costs and improves container utilisation while getting your cargo to you quicker.

A reliable partner for excellent service

We are one of the world’s leading LCL providers offering global coverage through our Consolidation Hubs. You have complete control and visibility of your cargo, and our extensive network of carrier partners allows us to offer multiple weekly services and reliable LCL options to meet your budget, schedule, and expectations.

Full tracking and visibility on every shipment

We make sure that everything is managed and offer full visibility, from container location and contents, milestones and exceptions, all of this is tracked in our Leda platform to give you full visibility and control of your shipment.

We're here to save you time and money

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