PO Management

End-to-End Control of your supply chain

PO Management from Cardinal allows you to track every stage of your order from initial order, through to final delivery. Track milestone data to give accurate insights into the status of your goods prior to shipping, allowing you to have more control over your shipments.

Milestones that work for you

You set booking and approval rules so that your suppliers can more accurately fulfil orders and reduce the stress on your business. Assign milestone notifications to confirm once chosen stage have been complete which allows you to plan cargo ready dates, book shipments in advance and better understand expected times, giving you end-to-end visibility.

Improve communication with your suppliers

All communication with your suppliers is done through our system and milestones are checked when each task is completed, removing the need to communicate directly and eliminates any miscommunication. Set milestones and reminders for must-book-by dates and cargo-ready dates to keep on top of your supply chain.

Seamless integrations into your system

Integrate seamlessly with your systems to give you an end-to-end view. Get complete visibility and control of every touchpoint in the journey of your goods, from purchase orders, processing, shipping, warehouse fulfilment and final delivery. Track everything in a single place.

We're here to save you time and money

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