Trade Finance

A trusted, flexible funding partner

Over 6000 clients globally trust Cardinal to manage their supply chains. Now, you can grow your business with reliable trade financing from Cardinal Funds and achieve the full potential of your business.

Flexible financing to fund product expansion and revenue growth

Our customers achieve their full growth potential by using Cardinal Funds. By offering trade funding for stock, freight, and duty charges, we enable companies to invest in new products or other initiatives that help them meet their business goals. Free up your cash until stock lands and sales begin.

Reduce landed costs by enabling strategic decisions

Through years of experience, we fully understand your supply chain and your business, Cardinal Funds can give you more logistics options that drive down your landed costs. For example, some Cardinal clients have used funding to ship goods early to avoid peak-season rates, negotiate better supplier terms by paying earlier, and transition from air to ocean freight by building up sufficient stock.

A trusted source to access trade finance

Cardinal’s freight forwarding solutions are relied upon by companies as it allows them to gain a single point of control. Cardinal Funds gives you that single point of control and includes fast, convenient trade finance customised to your exact needs, all from a partner you trust.

How do we support Financial Leaders?

Cardinal Funds helps financial leaders to manage cash flow. Our application process is user-friendly and can be completed in as little as 48 hours, allowing you to meet your deadlines by delivering shipment finance, inventory funding, and PO financing. We act as your long-term strategic partner by providing working capital to accelerate sustained growth for your business.

How do we support Supply Chain Managers?

Cardinal Funds enables you to launch new SKUs, expand to new geos, and meet accelerating demand by supporting supply chain and operations leaders with improved cash flow. Our financing helps you save money by; shipping goods early to avoid peak-season rates, negotiating better supplier terms by paying earlier, and transitioning from air to ocean freight by building up sufficient stock. As a result, your business can lower landed costs while limiting any disruption to your supply chain.

We're here to save you time and money

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